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Novopayment Inquiries REST API v1.0 - Followers

The Novopayment Inquiries API provides balance and transaction history, transactions by category, agent commissions and more. The Inquiry cardholder API enables balance and transaction inquiries on stored value accounts that make it possible to retrieve account balances and other transactional information for businesses, merchants, corresponding agents and cardholder accounts. Some available functions include; Account balance, Recent transactions, Transaction history and more. NovoPayment offers bank-grade integration, middleware services, and a multi-country, multi-currency platform that is able to address a full range of back-office and front-end payment needs. This includes access to local and global acquiring, ATM, reload, remittance, and mobile networks and more. NovoPayment enables digital financial and transactional services, and provides a way for banks, financial institutions, and others to leverage their existing systems and services to generate new deposits and transaction streams.