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Numismatic Search REST API - Followers

The Numismatic Search API, is an open source project that evolved from the University of Virginia Art Museum Numismatic Collection. With this API, users can interact programmatically with the American Numismatic Society's MANTIS interface to search, sort, and browse data in the collection. The API is based on queries to the ANS's Solr search index and can be modified based on user needs. A wide range of search operators and parameters are available to enable highly customized queries. This API operates over HTTP, and uses KML and Atom response formats. Numishare is an open source suite of applications for managing digital cultural heritage artifacts, with a particular focus on coins and medals. It is developed and maintained by the American Numismatic Society and employed for its online collection. The architecture of the application is built upon an XML foundation. Coins and medals are described in an XML adaptation of NUDS, the Numismatic Database Standard. Other artifacts are encoded in VRA Core 4.0. The adherence to common library/archive/museum standards and best practices ensures the long-term sustainability and curation of the data.