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Omnifone MusicStation API - Developers

Omnifone offers a full suite of APIs for their MusicStation program. The MusicStation Next Generation program allows partners, including leading device manufacturers, to provide an unlimited music solution on a range of connected devices, from home entertainment systems to set-top boxes and in-car audio systems, using dedicated service APIs and bespoke client development services and capabilities. Omnifone is an independent provider of unlimited music services. The company�s open music solution, MusicStation, is the world�s leading multi-platform interoperable end-to-end unlimited music solution and is used by leading device vendors, mobile network operators and broadband providers. The MusicStation Next Generation program offers the following end-to-end suite of MusicStation APIs * Community management APIs * Private and public playlist management and storage APIs * Catalogue Services APIs * Search Services APIs * Metering Services APIs * DRM Services API * Content Delivery APIs * User Services APIs * Playlist Services APIs * Events & Audit Trail APIs * Recommender Services APIs * Reporting Services APIs Public documenataion of the APIs is not available on the site.