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Ontotext S4 Text Analytics API - Developers

The News Annotation service retrieves various types of entities from texts as well as the relations between them. The extraction is based on gazetteers from trusted sources (such as the curated Freebase, DBpedia, etc.) and a combination of rule-based and machine learning techniques. The service applies word sense disambiguation techniques and attaches a unique URI to each extracted entity or relation. The service is part of the Self-Service Semantic Suite (S4) which provides key capabilities for on-demand and low-cost Smart Data management and analytics: 1. various text analytics services for news, Life Sciences and social media that allow you to extract valuable meaning and insights used to manage your business 2. on-demand and reliable access to key knowledge graphs, such as DBpedia, Freebase/Wikidata and GeoNames. These datasets provide facts you can use to enhance your semantic analysis 3. a self-managed or fully-managed scalable RDF graph database-as-a-service, so that you can search and update semantic facts loaded from knowledge graphs or your own documents