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ORY Oathkeeper API - Libraries

The ORY Oathkeeper API is a reverse proxy that uses rules to check HTTP authorization validation using Hydra. This includes services for; health, Judge, rule, version and more. ORY Oathkeeper evaluates incoming HTTP requests based on a set of access rules. It inspects the authorization header and the full request url of incoming HTTP requests, applies a set of rules, and either grants or denies access to the request. ORY Oathkeeper is an Identity and Access Proxy that authorizes HTTP requests with some features that allows you to; Identify the user and provide session to API backends, restrict access to certain resources, Transform access credentials to a format that is consumable by API services and more. ORY provides services that adopt OAuth 2.0 for the development of APIs and web services. This may include third party access, authorized mobile apps or IoT devices, or multi-server environments.