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Pageflakes API - Developers

[This API is no longer available and this page is being maintained purely for historical and research purposes.] From their site: Use your favorite designer or IDE like Microsoft Visual Studio/.NET, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Zend Studio,etc. You can design the UI of the flake using a designer/IDE. You do not need to use Javascript to build a DOM. You can make simple flakes without following Pageflakes' framework. You can utilize Pageflakes' framework to make advanced flakes. You can call methods of Pageflakes and harness the full power of the whole engine. You can test your flakes locally by running from the IDE. When the flake works nicely, put it on Pageflakes. Flakes can be regular HTML pages, although we strongly recommend using XHTML. You do not need to create any XML file to describe your flake. You can use server side scripts like PHP, JSP and ASP.NET to get and render UI besides client side scripts.