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(Deprecated in November, 2016) Using Panoramio API users can display the photos from Panoramio on their own web site. Geolocated photos from Panoramio can enrich maps or illustrate information where location is a important factor (real estate sites, hotels and vacation sites, routes & trails). Panoramio is a website that enables digital photographers to geolocate, store and organize their photographs�and to view those photographs in Google Earth and Google Maps. Panoramio is a community-powered site for exploring places through photography: cities, natural wonders, or anywhere you might go. Panoramio is different from other photo sharing sites because the photos illustrate places. As you browse Panoramio, notice that there aren't many photos of friends and family posing in front of places, or photos of interesting surfaces--Panoramio's all about seeing the world. The Panoramio API uses a RESTful interface and responses are formatted in JSON.