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Pathable API - Libraries

Pathable allows you to connect conference and event planners and attendees with a comprehensive social media suite for scheduling, networking and management of year round community hubs. Besides scheduling, Pathable also allows you to integrate online event registration and design a customizable web presence for your event. Attendees can connect with each other through multiple social network channels and choose events they wish to attend. Speakers can upload their handouts and slide decks and are easily researched through the search functionalities of the platform. The Pathable Developer API gives users read and write capabilities for user creation, user attributes, mail functionality, organizations, meetings, attendee schedules and more. The REST based API utilizes GET, POST, DELETE, PUT and CREATE methods with returns in JSON or XML. Pricing starts at $3,750/year for small events up to $25,400/year for enterprise level solutions. Pathable also maintains an XML Polling API for XML feeds of attendee lists.