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Patherizer Route Optimization REST API v1.0

The Patherizer Route Optimization API provides a multiple stop delivery routing service that accepts up to 100 addresses per request. The route optimization algorithm is based on the TSP (travelling salesman problem) and will always calculate the shortest route between the current stop and the next stop until it reaches the end destination. The input addresses are geocoded, so the JSON response will include latitude and longitude of each stop. The JSON response also includes distances between each stop along the optimized route (in miles or km) and the duration (in seconds) and duration in real traffic conditions (in seconds) at the time of the request. The total distance of the optimized route is computed along with the total time. Although this Route Optimization API is intended for software development and therefore developers, there is also an online application that may be used to get optimized routes from the input text. This input text should include the start address, end address, and stop addresses (in any order). The Patherizer Route Optimization app or API is useful for driving route optimization, delivery routing software, vehicle routing problems, fleet routing software, etc.