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Pay With A Tweet is a new strategy online presences can use to onboard new followers and users. As the name would infer, Pay With A Tweet provides a system that allows users pay their way with a tweet in order to access a product, service, or other online content. Pay With A Tweet's API is a RESTful design that uses JSON secured by HTTPS. After creating an account and launching a campaign, business-users can access the API in order to view campaigns in process, redeem payments corresponding to a user's unique ID, view completed payments for campaigns, return a list of a user's buttons, and return a list of all posts made by a certain campaign. The API has the potential to create viral audio and video campaigns, as well as boost conversion rates for businesses with coupons. Pay With A Tweet provides free campaign management for up to 2 campaigns, after which monthly subscription tiers exist which offer increased API call thresholds, statistics, and increased number of campaigns.