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PayJoy Lock REST API v1.0

The PayJoy Lock API is a Rest service that allows you to return information about a device, claim a registered device, update the device expiration and more. This is a PayJoy device locking service for finance partners that have their own registration, checkout, and underwriting process as opposed to the PayJoy checkout and underwriting process. When partners call the Lock API it provides a way to control specific devices; whose changes are propagated from PayJoy servers to the device asynchronously. The API includes anti-fraud techniques such as anti-rooting/jailbreaking and anti-SIM/PN swapping and allows you to; register and take ownership of a device, lock a device at a particular time if payment is not made and permanently unlock a device after it is fully paid. PayJoy provides access to consumer finance and smartphone technology, to emerging and under-served markets globally.