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Payza is a global online payment platform that enables consumers and businesses to send and receive money instantly. The Payza API provides a developer interface for interacting with this platform. The API is able to send individual or mass payments, refund transactions, cancel subscriptions, and to return merchant and consumer data. The Payza API currently has seven functions you can use to perform various account actions while logged out of your account:
  • SendMoney: send funds to a single Payza member.
  • Bitcoin SendMoney: send Bitcoin to an external Bitcoin wallet.
  • MassPay: send funds to a list of Payza members using our Mass Pay feature.
  • Refund: issue a refund for a Payza payment you received.
  • SubscriptionCancellation: cancel a subscription that a customer purchased through Payza.
  • GetBalance: retrieve your Payza balance information.
  • GetTransactionInfo: retrieve information about a Payza transaction in your Payza account.
  • TransactionHistory: retrieve information on a set of transactions based on parameters you specify, such as a date range or transaction amount range.