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Pictobar REST API - Developers

Pictobar is a website where users can describe people in a number of different ways, on a number of personality traits, and gain some insight into how people are perceived by the people that know them to different degrees. To use the API, submit a full name and Pictobar will return personality information about the person. From adjectives that describe them directly, percent introversion/extroversion, to a 1-5 star scale of how people see the person on: Attractiveness, Friendliness, Openness, Selflessness, and Thoughtfulness, and how people see the person on a sliding scale of bad to good. An API is available that lets users pass a name (full name for best results) to URL using GET in the field 'sid' or POST using 'sid' and returns a JSON or JSONP (if the callback field is included in url). The API returns {'exists': false}, if person has not been created on Pictobar. Developers needing assistance can contact the provider at