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Pimcore GraphQL API v6.7 - Source Code

Pimcore is an open source data and experience management platform for enterprise. The Pimcore API offers programmatic access to Product Information Management (PIM) services with GraphQL. Query and manage documents, digital assets, data objects, products, events, custom queries with this API. From the provider: "Headless PIM. Going headless is not only a trend in the content management and experience management market, but also in the field of product information management and master data management. The goal is to decouple different applications within the overall system architecture but let the data flow in an efficient way between all components. The typical data binding glue of this system architecture is GraphQL, a very flexible query language for data. But let’s step back and have a look at PIM again. The core concept of a PIM is to provide rich product content for 3rd party application and key users. In that regards open-source Pimcore is both a decoupled PIM as well as a headless PIM system and provides data via the Pimcore Datahub and GraphQL to 3rd party applications, as well as via internal APIs to Pimcore’s internal multichannel publishing functionalities. Best of both worlds."