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Platform of Trust Message REST API v1.0

The message API provides means to create/send messages to identities. You can send a message to any identity, e.g. a housing company, where all users who have access to the housing company identity and its messages can read the message.

The message requires a "to"-identity, the ID of the identity to which the message applies to. A message subject and its content should be added as well.

The cc is a list of user IDs to whom the message can be CC'd to. A notification about the message will be sent to these users.

Message API
- allows reading a message by its id.
- allows marking a message read by the currently logged-in user.
- allows listing messages sent to "to"-identity.
- allows creating a new message.
- allows updating a message by its id.
- allows deleting a message by its id.
Platform of Trust