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Plum Fuse REST API

Plum Fuse is a cloud-based, visual voice application editor and programmable platform that offers API connectivity to automate customer interactions over the phone. The Fuse API uses REST, SOAP, and CSV for uploading and downloading data. The Fuse platform contains pre-built modules that allow users to rapidly piece together components, test, and deploy voice applications. Fuse also offers optimized, pre-built applications for common tasks and verticals to accelerate the process even more. This makes Fuse accessible to developers and non-developers alike. Developers use Fuse to build and manage advanced voice applications including IVR, outbound calling, messaging and notifications (voice or SMS/MMS), automated phone surveys, and call routing systems. Granular sharing permissions simplify application management and make Fuse an ideal product for on-going team collaboration. Fuse supports speech recognition and text-to-speech and offers a diverse security portfolio with PCI-DSS (level 1), HIPAA, SOC2, Visa Verified, and Cyber Essentials (GDPR) compliance. Fuse users also have access to Plum’s analytics and data tool, VoiceTrends, which provides actionable data on voice application performance.