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Plum Voice provides APIs that enable companies to automate customer interactions through their voice channel using cloud-based, programmable telephony platforms. The API supports RESTful and SOAP interfaces and formats responses in HTML, JSON, XML, or CSV. Plum’s DEV platform supports VoiceXML, JavaScript, natural language processing, speech recognition, text-to-speech, and voice biometrics. Developers use the Plum DEV and its APIs to create advanced voice applications including IVR, outbound calling, messaging and notifications (voice or SMS/MMS), automated phone surveys, and call routing systems. Plum DEV runs on a purpose-built cloud environment that uses only tier 1 telecom and automatically scales to meet call volume requirements. Plum platforms also offer a diverse security portfolio with PCI-DSS (level 1), HIPAA, SOC2, Visa Verified, and Cyber Essentials (GDPR) compliance. DEV users also have access to Plum’s analytics and data tool, VoiceTrends, which provides actionable data on voice application performance.
Plum Voice