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Previsite API - Changelog

Previsite is an international online real estate marketing service. When users submit property listings, they are automatically distributed to real estate portals around the world and, if necessary, translated into languages specific to those portals. Users can manage, monitor, and view these listings online. Previsite provides panoramic viewers using methods such as JAVA, Flash, and HTML5 to give potential buyers a preview of the property in question. These viewers can be extensively customized and will display images in a variety of formats, along with music and voice-overs. The viewers work on mobile and tablet displays, and users can link end-users to the previews using QR codes. These previews can also be shared directly on social media sites. The Previsite API allows users to add, find, update, and delete virtual tours; create, update, and retrieve user account information; find ads that can be used on a real estate portal or platform; and more. Although the Previsite website is in English, the API documentation is given in French.