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project44’s enterprise SaaS integration platform is powering the dynamic supply chain of the future through global, on-demand connectivity and visibility. Our ecosystem of intelligent web-service APIs eliminates the need for legacy communication tools like EDI and delivers the systems infrastructure required for IoT-based predictive analytics. With project44, retailers, suppliers, manufacturers, 3PLs and transportation providers are able to communicate critical data with the rest of their supply chain in an automated, real-time manner. By implementing a progressive standardization of information to enhance data flow, project44 provides the highest quality of fast-to-deploy solutions -- accelerating our client’s ability to execute an agile and scalable supply chain network that meets the rapidly evolving needs of today’s on-demand consumer. Businesses utilizing project44 are able to increase efficiency and productivity, lower cost, get products to market faster, reduce inventory, avoid supply chain failures and quickly adapt to changing requirements. For more information, visit or follow along on Twitter, @freightpipes