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PropMix AppraisalQC API - Followers

This API offers verification about property appraisal based on information extracted from images including aerial maps, flood maps, and sketches, for the Subject Property.The Appraisal Report to be validated is uploaded to the AppraisalQC website. Appraisal validation is automated using Artificial Intelligence – machine learning and image recognition – to ensure that the required data and content is included in an appraisal report, and validate if any comparables have been missed. Images are extracted using the advanced image recognition algorithm developed by PropMix. The photos of the property should cover the front view of the house, living area, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and any other rooms that are required in an appraisal report. In addition to these, the Appraiser’s license information and insurance are also captured. PDF files that are in the ACI and A la Mode format are supported in this application.