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The Qipit Mobile Copy API moves digital cameras and camera phones beyond just taking pictures by enabling developers to use the camera sensor to create “scan quality” highly legible, printable, ink-on-white digital copies of anything written or printed. The technology enables developers to create a variety of applications and services ranging from logistics applications to track inventories in unconventional place, sales force automation applications to get forms and signed contracts back to headquarters and for e-tailers (and e-card services) to enable customers to add the personal touch of their own handwriting for gift cards. Other potential uses include applications and mash-ups with social networking sites to share class notes or other written information. How it works You submit a JPEG photo of anything written or printed, such as a document, note or receipt to the Qipit scanning engine. The technology transforms this picture into a crisp clear ink-on-white copy (in the form of a JPEG). The Qipit scanning engine automatically corrects for framing (crops it), compression, noise, vignetting, illumination, glare, contrast, tilt, and skew as well as motion and optical blur.