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Russian League Live Scores API - SDKs

The Russian League Live Scores API provides access to the analytical summaries of the previous, ongoing, and upcoming matches of Russia’s top-flight league. The API generates team and player profiles as well as live updates of match results and league table standings. It is a useful reference for pre-match and post-match analyses for users seeking for records of teams and players in the Russian football (soccer) league. Such information includes season-long and match day details of starting lineups, substitute players, player fitness, match events, match day scorers, and league’s top scorers. The Russian League Live Scores API generates requests and responses in JSON format. It is a fully released and well-documented version that is supported by Curl, Java, Node.js, PHP, Python, Objective-C, Ruby, and .NET wrappers. It is meshed in Basic, Pro, Ultra, and Mega subscription plans that charge fixed monthly costs of between $0 and $600 plus prorated costs for extra content exceeding the fixed limits.