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Salesforce Einstein Language REST API v2.0 - How To

The Salesforce Einstein Language API allows you to create natural language processing models to classify the intent of text or to classify text as positive, negative, and neutral. This allows you to to build natural language processing into your apps. The Einstein Language API consists of two parts that you can use to unlock powerful insights within text:
  • Einstein Sentiment - Classify the sentiment of text into positive, negative, and neutral classes to understand the feeling behind text. You can use the Einstein Sentiment API to analyze emails, social media, and text from chat. You can create your own custom model or use our pre-built sentiment model.
  • Einstein Intent - Categorize unstructured text into user-defined labels to better understand what users are trying to accomplish. Leverage the Einstein Intent API to analyze text from emails, chats, or web forms.
Currently, Einstein Language supports only English. Before you can access the Einstein Platform Services APIs, you must create an account and download your key,after which you use your key to generate an OAuth token. Your key can be used to access both the Einstein Vision and Einstein Language APIs. This API is extremely well documented and supported.