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The SearchCulture Web API allows third-party applications to search for and display data aggregated via The Hellenic Aggregator of Digital Cultural Heritage Content (the Greek Cultural Heritage Aggregator by EKT - Linked Data is a publishing approach which allows data integration and use. The API offers all the search capabilities provided by the web portal. uses Europeana Data Model (EDM) for the documentation of the digital assets it aggregates. EDM is an RDF model advocated by Europeana for the representation of cultural content metadata. Metadata in retain semantic links to other data- vocabularies and thesauri- also offered as Linked Data using RDF links to specific EDM model traits. Most of the digital items maintain inherent links to the GeoNames geographical database. EKT enriched items with links to the Typology Vocabulary that we developed, which in turn links to the Getty Art & Architecture Thesaurus (AAT) and the semantic thesaurus DBpedia of Wikipedia. Moreover, EKT enriched the metadata with links to the Hellenic Historical Periods Vocabulary, which is linked to DBpedia.