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Seismic Data Portal API - Followers

The service aggregates publicly available data about earthquake events, including seismic waveforms, wave velocities, and arrival times at specified locations. Listed services are EventID, which maps dynamically event identifiers to allow the identification of a same event between different seismological institutions. FDSN EVENT, which conforms to the FDSN-Event standards and provides all the EMSC event data available, Flinn-Engdahl Lookup, Moment Tensors, Rupture Models, which recovers all rupture models from the SRCMOD database of Martin Mai (which is the database of finite-fault rupture models of past earthquakes), Testimonies for citizen testimonies, and (near) Realtime Notification. Data are available in the specialized QuakeML format. API methods support retrieval of reports on seismic events, including search for specific events, lists of recent events, and details about each one such as location and magnitude. Methods also provide information about seismic waveforms detected, the velocity of their movement, and projected arrival times at specified locations.
Seismic Data Portal API