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Semantria REST API - Developers

Semantria is a text analytics and sentiment analysis API. It allows you to gain valuable insights from your unstructured text content. It is based on Lexalytics’ Salience – the market leading text analytics and sentiment analysis engine. It is the same engine as the one being used by Oracle, Cisco, Thomson Reuters, - Radian6, Visible, Lithium, and 50+ other leaders in the space. Semantria uses Multilingual SDKs, which are the most convenient way to get started with the Semantria API. SDKs implement all the available Semantria features and demonstrate best practices of API usage. The SDKs include source code on 8 different languages: • C++ native language • .Net platform (C# language) • Java platform (SE & EE) • PHP language (Any framework) • Python (2.x & 3.x interpreter versions supported) • Ruby language • JavaScript (browser based) • Apex (Salesforce programming platform) A free trial is available at Functionality includes • Entity extraction (both model and dictionary based) • Theme/keyword extraction • Categorization/Classification (Query and Wikipedia ontology-based) • Summarization • Sentiment Analysis (document, entity, theme/keyword, and category level) • Semantic Rollups (birds-eye view on your dataset, combining SPSS-like statistical analysis and full scale NLP approach) • Full native support of 5 languages (entity extraction, categorization, sentiment analysis, etc): English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and German. Semantria also has a free Excel Add-In that let’s you process content from inside your Excel without any coding, integration work, etc. It is a fully functional API client with an easy to use API configuration GUI. An Excel Add-In demo overview, categorization tutorial, custom entities set-up, and sentiment adjustment video are all available here: