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SentiRate API - Source Code

Use SentiRate to “Capture the Emotion” hidden within your written digital content! SentiRate is a service that offers sentiment analysis to highlight the emotion or attitude of your written digital content, such as email, forms, documents, blogposts, twitter and facebook. This allows the prioritisation of problematic communications, or ensures your outbound correspondence is always positive. Example uses of SentiRate include:
  • In an organisation that receives a lot of correspondence from their customers each day, SentiRate can identify which items may be problematic so you can prioritise these;
  • In an organisation that sends a lot of correspondence to their customers each day, SentiRate can ensure your messages are always positive.
  • Automatically publish positive comments on your blog and enforce manual moderation for negative comments.
  • Embed it into your own application our API or use it stand alone from our website.
The uses are practically unlimited.. Sign up now