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29 Sep 2006

Adam Loving says:

A quick google search revealed some API documentation here: https://partners.shopping.com/ResourceCenter_ApiSuite,$DirectLink.sdirect?sp=Soverview

24 Oct 2006

jmusser jmusser says:

Thanks Adam. Although that page requires an account to login which makes it less useful for general readership. I have submitted a request for API access, which is pending.


21 Dec 2006

Laurent Gibb says:


Laurent Gibb from the Shopping.com UK Partner Programme.

A programme overview with information about the Shopping.com API and ShopAds is available here - https://partners.shopping.com/app

For more info or to apply to the programme feel free to contact me at partnersuk@shopping.com



19 Mar 2007

Stranger says:

I tryed to find out how can I get list of all products categories on shopping.com, but I failed. May be someone knows how to get list of all categories on shopping.com using their api?

17 Jun 2007

Joomla- Guru says:

We developed a new component and modules set for powerfull CMS Joomla to use Shopping.com API you may see it in action on http://demo.joomla-guru.com

26 Sep 2007

Tapos Pal says:

What is the variable list of the api to make a request? can anyone tell me?
Tapos Pal

10 Oct 2007

ahtsham says:

i want to duilt the shopping API in php please help me out

08 Jun 2008

Shopping.com API says:

Shopping.com has changed the API, are you ready for the new version?

We are offering a service that allows you to use the Shopping.com API with Drupal - a very powerful CMS - which will allow some really really cool mashups.

Join our LinkedIn group to stay up to date about the status of this service: http://www.linkedin.com/e/gis/95046/3D71D63FFD7A

07 Jul 2008

bibirmer says:

We've just created a new example site using API 3 and asp.net (VB.NET). If anyone has questions or comments about the site or using the new API I would love to hear them:


11 Jul 2008

moneymm says:

Shopping.com API account rep just told me that if I were to use datafeedscripts.net that they will cancel my shopping partner account. Apparently, their product violates the api usage requirements.

Does anyone have an alternative, or can someone help me get started on the right foot of how this API coding works?

I have been searching for days, and I only came accross datafeedscripts that showed any experience with this, now I am back to square 1.

Thank you!

31 Jul 2008

bibirmer says:

If you use the FREE datafeedscripts version of our script than you must know that:

-From April 2007 we offer our script for free but take 1 out of 10 clicks.
-From Feb. 1, 2008 we convert our script to paid version where user have 100% of any commissions.
-We no longer support FREE version of our script. We no longer offer it for download.
-We received a email from Shopping.com Partners Management where they noticed us:
"We have noticed that partners using your script have masked their links into Shopping.com. Under section 2.3 of our contract (attached), it requires you to adhere to our API Guidelines:

No substitution shall be made for page URLs included in SDC API Result Sets, and SDC API links shall convey users or Visitors directly to such page URLs within the same browser window and without any framing, redirection (with the exception of redirection through a tracking system), or interstitial advertising (including pop-up or pop-under ads).

This issue is causing heavy commotion among our merchants. If this persist and in order to perserve our relationships with our merchants, we may look to terminate this partnership if this cannot resolved. This will include all partners who are utilizing your scripts as well."

Please, if you use the FREE version of our script, remove it from your server. Let us know if you have any questions and we will be happy to answer them.
DataFeedScripts.net team

29 Aug 2008

hai says:

i try joining shopping.com and i kept on gettting denied. Is there a way they will accept me? I wanted to purchase the Shopping.com API program, but in order to do that, i need to be an affiliated of shopping.com. Your answer will greatly be appriciated.

05 Oct 2008

pk says:

Is there any datafeescripts like using PHP?

10 Nov 2008

markowe says:

It's good to know this - with the applications I have worked on, I have always encoded links, not because I want to deceive the customer in some way (I always try to clearly state that a particular link will take them to the retailer's site), but to make things "tidier" and also because I don't really want people poking around looking at my affiliate links. I kind of feel like they are "my business".

So if I was to include shopping.com listings on StoreMinator, say, I guess I would have to think round that somehow...

08 Dec 2010

fielpo says:

hi, i'm selling a script that works with SHOPPING.COM api
the script it's fully functionally, with basic theme, url rewrite, adsense ready, easy to customizable, all you need to do it's upload and put your api key.

demo: www.searchforbuy.com
price: 70$
contact me: searchforbuy@gmail.com

18 May 2013

bibirmer says:

April,2,2013 Shopping.com rebrands to eBay Commerce Network
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