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Sitestat OneCall REST API

Nedstat provides solutions for online business optimisation and delivers this through its main product Sitestat. The Sitestat platform is designed to integrate data from multiple sources including web, mobile and social media interactions as well as CRM, call center and back-office systems. Sitestat's OneCall API enables users to integrate Sitestat results directly with other tools and applications and customise the publication of data. Based on the REST architecture, it provides a way of retrieving data from Sitestat. In response to a single request it delivers any report item over any time period, even today, with any segment, including items created with the Report Builder and custom made reports. In addition to the output formats CSV and XML, users can choose JSON for integration in web based applications. This allows for publishing data as a custom dashboard, as a list of best viewed pages on a website or highly rated topics on the intranet. Full documentation is not publicly available.
Sitestat OneCall