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SlashDB API - How To

SlashDB automatically turns databases into online resource so their content becomes accessible to authorized web, mobile and enterprise applications for reading and writing under standard data formats. Technically speaking, it makes REST APIs out of relational databases. Here are some generic use cases where SlashDB is a good choice: * Data publishing and data exchanges with partners/clients * Instant developer API for an existing database-driven website * Database search and data discovery for data scientists * Enterprise database gateway for web/mobile applications * Enterprise data management and federation (ROA, data virtualization) What will be your use case? SlashDB is currently available for both on-premise and cloud installations. We provide ready-to-use virtual machines (AMI, VMware, VirtualBox etc.), which makes it a snap to get started. Once a VM is launched a user-friendly, web based admin GUI allows to add, remove and reconfigure database services. Pricing is tailored to your business and we have special offers for qualifying startups, non-profits and institutions of higher education.