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The SMS Works REST API v1.0 - SDKs

The SMS Works API allows you to integrate SMS into your app, software or website in minutes. The SMS Works only bills you for delivered messages. Failed texts are credited straight back to your account. The delivery reports give you a detailed outcome of all texts sent. To use The SMS Works API, you will need to set up authentication. From there, you use simple methods to send and receive messages. You can write your own wrapper around our REST API calls or download one of theie SDKs to get started quickly, in your preferred language. The SMS Works service provides:
  • Copy & paste API snippets
  • Low prices (starting at 1.45 pence + VAT per text)
  • Reliable Tier 1 connections, never international or SMS grey routes.
  • Speed, reliability, robust connections
  • Only pay for delivered messages
  • No contracts or minimum SMS volumes - pay-as-you-go service
  • Credits don't expire
Please note: Accounts are not automatically set to be able to send texts outside the UK. If you wish to send internationally, please send an email to Accounts are generally enabled within 1 working day.