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SMSBOX REST API v1.2 - Source Code

SMSBOX provides an international, web-based SMS distribution platform with 852 operators in 212 countries. Users can create single or bulk messages using SMSBOX tools and send SMS via email client, mobile device, or even toolbar. Users can also rent a dedicated phone number to receive SMS, and they can send voice messages in the form of vocalized text, an uploaded audio file, or a recorded voice. The SMSBOX API can be integrated with other applications to enable them to send SMS. MSBOX.COM system also provides free credit for new registered users for testing purposes also default originator can be used for new registered users API services available in countries : Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, Qatar, Jordan and many more countries Covered networks are : Mobily, STC, ZAIN, Etisalat , due allocation, Ooredoo, ZAIN, VIVA, QTEL, Oman Mobile, Nawras, Zain, Batelco