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SoapLab is a huge collection of bioinformatics APIs. Most of these APIs are based on EMBOSS bioinformatics software, and all of them are accessible via SOAP calls. Many of the SoapLab APIs are involved with the alignment of biological sequences. Some of these APIs perform global or local sequence alignments, while others exist for editing alignments or sequences. Additional APIs provide a variety of methods for displaying biological sequences. Still more focus on sequence fragment assembly. SoapLab provides some APIs specifically for use with nucleic RNA. Some determine its structure, composition, and folding. Others identify codons, CPG islands, and other motifs. Certain APIs are specifically designed to find primers, repeats, transcription factors, or restriction sites. Others take a nucleic RNA sequence and either mutate, translate, or profile it. Still more APIs exist for phylogenetic work. These may perform phylogeny consensus analyses, calculate gene frequencies, or determine the phylogenies for molecular sequences. Additional services are designed to work with either continuous and discrete characters. Others can create distance matrices or draw phylogenetic trees. Protein-specific APIs are also provided. Some of these allow users to predict the 2D and 3D structures of proteins. Others examine protein composition or profile proteins. Several more APIs detect protein motifs. A couple even allow users to mutate proteins.