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The Solutecia APIs are a suite of tools based on Artificial Intelligence Engine named MIA Solutecia. With the API users can create applications, accessed from the tag functions, controls, peripherals and data management that require artificial intelligence. The APIs can be accessed using API with POST, GET, SOAP 1.1 and SOAP 1.2. With only 3 lines of code from any type of application: ASP.NET, C #. NET, VB.NET, JAVA, PHP, ASP, C, Action Script, Flash. The following APIs are available: 1. API TTS, Text to Speech (Text to Speech): Convert any text to speech in several languages. 2. API Translation: Make any text translations in 33 languages, or possibly autodetect the source language. 3. Mathematics API: Make any mathematical operation, including polynomials of various degrees of complexity. 4. API Agent Theory: Multiply your applications work like agents. This API is ideal for handling maps, routes, video games, robots, among others. 5. API Artificial Vision: Recognition of objects, people, patterns, video or images. 6. API Predictive Systems: Bayesian networks to make predictions, based on experience and learning of data of any kind. 7. Neural Networks API: For learning systems based on data points. 8. API Expert systems: To draw conclusions and diagnoses based on facts and knowledge acquired. The site and documentation are in Spanish.