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SPENDiD API - Source Code

SPENDiD is a clean, easily connected RESTful API enabling developers to offer their end-users painless automated budget creation and refinement experiences. SPENDiD offers three simple end-points: 1-Generate a spending behavioral model based on user demographics 2-Generate a budget 3-Score a budget SPENDiD allows the end-user to “hack” the usually painful and dreaded task of budget building, which more often than not leads to abandonment. Some so-called "leaders” in the Personal Financial Management industry offer the user a budget based on nothing more than their prior 3-month average actual spend. There is a far better and simpler way to learn from validated crowd-wisdom, applied with smart technology. With a 2-3 minute simple on-boarding process consisting of a few demographic and core expense questions, SPENDiD enables a client’s platform to instantly deliver a fully categorized budget and cash flow assessment score to the end-user. From there, the “what-if” scenario usage of a SPENDiD powered platform is addictively simple and remarkably accurate and eye-opening. Also, the user can continue to manage budgets in expense categories offered as default settings by our client, or these categories can be fully customized by the user to their preferred level of detail.