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Our latest product, the Enterprise Universal ERP API, is the quickest, easiest and most affordable way to add full Accounting & ERP functionality to your existing software package! Includes Hundreds of API calls to implement all aspects of an ERP System! The API is callable from any language or platform, and works with either MySQL or MS SQL Server depending on your needs! Your front end can be a .Net App, A PHP app, or an application on any platform you like, and it can communicate to our ERP API via HTTP REST calls. This API also allows the Enterprise X application to use either the MySQL database or the MS SQL Server Database for it’s Stored procedures, business logic, and database! Full source code for the API is included with your purchase, so you can update or make any changes to the API that you may require! One of the BEST new features of this API, is that it will allow your company to hire outside developers to build sub-systems and add-ons to your software product WITHOUT having to SHARE THE SOURCE CODE WITH THEM! You can simply send your new outside developers the API Call List & API Documentation and Database Schema to the developers, without sharing the source code, and they can REMOTELY build your applications WITHOUT having and access to your source code or even your servers development environment!