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Sycamore School API - Followers

Sycamore School is a school management software servicing daycare/pre-school, K-12, and college campus school programs. The Sycamore School Public API allows developer to access the data from within Sycamore's student information system. The Sycamore School API is available for use for people who have obtained a user ID, school ID, family ID and/or studentID. The API allows users to retrieve basic information on a school including related news, news articles, events, cafeteria, class lists, and families. User specific data may be returned, such as user-created memos, tasks, journal entries, and more. Student information such as enrolled classes, homework, and grades can be retrieved. More information on class sturcture and family information can be accessed by the API as well. The Sycamore School API is consumed with HTTP requests.