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Talis REST API - Libraries

The Talis Platform is open to any software developer and easily programmed using a Web API. Data is held in a reliable and safe environment and the API enables development of a vast range of information rich applications. The Platform works like a shared database capable of storing and searching both content and RDF metadata. Because the Platform infrastructure is shared every customer can immediately benefit from any improvements we make in performance or capacity. We continually improve the Platform and release new versions every month without disrupting or degrading service to applications relying on it. This means application developers can forget about downloading and upgrading and concentrate user experience and value. Data held in the platform is organised into "stores" which can be individually secured if need be. Any kind of content can be added to a store along with arbitrary RDF metadata. The content and metadata becomes immediately accessible over the Web and discoverable using both SPARQL and a free text search system with built in ranking of results according to relevance to the search terms. RDF provides a powerful and flexible data model which encourages linking and sharing of data and dramatically reduces the complexity of data integration. Because each store provides a uniform Web API regardless of the type of data it holds the Talis Platform gives unparalleled opportunities for reuse and remixing of data. The uniform Web API allows applications to easily search multiple stores of data, and the use of RDF enables the application to interpret and use the results with very little effort. This means that developers using the Talis Platform benefit immediately from an ecosystem of data and services that enable rapid development of applications with a strategy to continually evolve and improve them as they incorporate new types and sources of data.