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Tax Data Systems RPC API - How To

The service provides rates charged for sales and use taxes by jurisdictions in North America. Available data include tax rates charged and the national and the state or provincial levels, along with applicable county and city rates and portions of shipping and handling balances that are subject to tax. API methods support submission of a U.S. Zip Code or Canadian province abbreviation identifying the location of the transaction, either a physical store or the buyer's location for online sales. For U.S. transactions, returned data include the state abbreviation, county name, and city name matching the submitted Zip Code, as well as the general sales and use tax rates for that specific location and total tax due. For Canadian locations, the API returns the province abbreviation and name along with the overall sales tax rate and components for GST, PST, and HST. For all locations, returned data indicate any tax due on shipping and handling.
Tax Data Systems