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Telstra Messaging API - SDKs

Send and receive SMS and MMS messages globally using Telstra's enterprise grade Messaging API. It also allows your application to track the delivery status of both sent and received messages. Get your dedicated Australian number, and start sending and receiving messages today. The Telstra Messaging API provides the features below: • Dedicated Number - Provision a mobile number for your account to be used as from address in the API • Send Messages - Sending SMS or MMS messages • Receive Messages - Telstra will deliver messages sent to a dedicated number or to the notifyURL defined by you • Broadcast Messages Invoke a single API call to send a message to a list of numbers provided in to • Delivery Status - Query the delivery status of your messages • Callbacks - Provide a notification URL and Telstra will notify your app when a message status changes • Alphanumeric Identifier - Differentiate yourself by providing an alphanumeric string in from. This feature is only available on paid plans • Concatenation - Send messages up to 1900 characters long and Telstra will automatically segment and reassemble them • Reply Request - Create a chat session by associating messageId and to number to track responses received from a mobile number. We will store this association for 8 days • Character set - Accepts all Unicode characters as part of UTF-8 • Bounce-back response - See if your SMS hits an unreachable or unallocated number (Australia Only) • Queuing - Messaging API will automatically queue and deliver each message at a compliant rate. • Emoji Encoding - The API supports the encoding of the full range of emojis. Emojis in the reply messages will be in their UTF-8 format.