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Tools for Digital Transformation. Empowering Everyone to Innovate with IoT, APIs, and Emerging Tech. The software toolkit that makes everyone stand taller. Temboo enables anyone to access hard technologies like APIs and IoT easily from their web browser. Customers use Temboo to access data through public and private APIs, develop new solutions and processes, and combine technologies to build robust applications. Hardware development kits, embedded chipsets, sensors, actuators, M2M communication frameworks, and gateway/edge architectures are integrated into Temboo, making them simpler to work with and IoT easier to implement. Temboo machine-generates editable software code in standardized, production-ready blocks for easy-to-implement but powerfully persistent connections to cloud services, APIs, and devices. Temboo drives digital transformation by enabling any individual to work more easily with data and technologies, extending everyone’s technological ability no matter where they’re starting from.