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Tick And Bite Recognition REST API v1.0 - How To

The Tick And Bite Recognition API is able to determine if a tick bite or other bite is present in a given photograph. From the provider: TickBitor (also known as tick bite detection API) is a cross browsers REST API which get a JSON input with a still photo (as base64 encoded string) or an URL of the image and returns a JSON string which contains predictions with a certain amount of probability (filtered for an output with minimum 20%), bounding boxes of detected tick and/or bite(s) of the tick with its top, left, width, height values and, if required, for each prediction, a boundingBoxPhoto as base64 encoded string of the detected ticks or bites or both. Also it outputs a base64 encoded string photo which is the original input photo with drawn bounding boxes upon it. For one still photo, the API may return multiple predictions with different probability scores of detected ticks and/or bites. The pricing packages count the predictions, so for one request, multiple predictions may be counted. Tick And Bite filters the results of predictions and displays only the predictions with a probability score higher than 20%. Of course, there are some limitations in order to get higher accuracy. It is recommended to include properly exposed, unobstructed JPEG photos at 1920x1080 (Full HD resolution) where target ticks and/or bites may fill an important space in the input photo. Tick And Bite do not store pictures. Also, the quality and the angles of the camera are very important and it contributes to a higher detecting accuracy. It should have varifocal lenses, high shutter speed, good infrared lighting beam, full HD resolution. Although this Ticks And Bites Detection API (currently no face tick and bite recognition SDK is available) is intended for software development and therefore developers, Tick And Bite also offers an online application detector that may be used to check the input and output JSONs of the API.
Tick And Bite Recognition