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Tier 3 RPC API - Source Code

Tier3 has developed an API exposing all of the same functionality as its Control system. Tier 3 offers enterprise level managed services for the cloud. Many API calls will also return additional information. The services can be grouped as follows: Authentication Services Authentication API - Authentication of users for the Public API Domain Name Services DNS API - DNS management. Creation, Listing and Deletion of records. Domain Names API - Management of Domain Names. Network and Server Services Lab Server API - Gives users control over the Tier3 Lab environment. Network API - Allows users to manage their Tier 3 network infrastructure. Premium Server API - Provides a means to manage premium servers hosted by Tier3. Other Services Queue API - Query into the queue to get the status of user requests. SMTP Relay API - Users can manage SMTP Relay settings. SQL Farm API - Methods for creating and managing databases. Web Farm API - Allow users to manage web farm. The API uses both REST and SOAP protocol with responses being formatted in either XML or JSON.
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