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TipsGO Currency API - How To

The TipsGO Currency API provides a convenient way to access information about the world's currencies. It includes currency symbols and display formats. This API is part of the TipsGo platform, which consists of: • A comprehensive set of Tips that are relevant to the user's personal circumstances. • A comprehensive database of products that can be used to allow product information and product comparison. • A set of financial calculators that can be used to calculate the savings, revenues, benefits etc. based on the user’s personal circumstances and their geographic location. • A comprehensive set of APIs (known as the TipsGo APIs) that can be used to access the features and capabilities of the platform from Mobile or Web applications. • An extensive database that can capture information about the users, their families and connections from a financial perspective. TipsGo is a recommendation based Money Management Platform. The TipsGo Platform provides Money Management "Tips" (recommendations) to its users. These tips help users make the most of their money by helping them save, grow/invest and protect their money.