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Travel Advisory REST API v1.2

This is a simple and free REST API that replies with an UTF8 encoded JSON Object. This API provides you with a daily updated list of country advisories. These advisories contain a risk value which describes how dangerous a country is from a travellers perspective. This data is available for every country. The number between 0 (zero) and 5 (five) that we show, represent how dangerous a country is. Or better, what level of danger different authorities see for their citizens when travelling a specific country. Often governments publish some sort of advisory for travel destinations for their own citizens. We collect these advisories and try to analyze the risk described. We then give each advisory a risk rating between zero and five. The number shown on is the average score that we got over all advisories. A low-cost paid API option is available if more and more granular data is required. With low pricing for non-commercial hobby and community projects.