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TreasuryView API - How To

Introducting the API for Loan Origination & Back-end Servicing that really does it Just-like-that. TreasuryView™ provides OpenAPI infrastructure for developers. Such an API enables creation of new clientcentric self-service solutions and processes in financial institutions. Either for B2B/B2C customers in lending or in interest rate derivatives. From lending side we offer fixed rate, annuity, floating rate loans. In contrast to fixed known rate in fixed rate or annuity loan, reference rate of a floating rate loan will change during a loan period. More common reference rates are supported: overnight, 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month. TreasuryView™ OpenAPI can be used to code virtually any type of business loan, mortgage loan, overnight loan, amortizing loan or many other types of loans. From derivatives we support interest rates swaps (IRS). It could be vanilla fixed-rate swap (payer swap or receiver swap) or more structured one (basis swap). More instruments are in pipeline. Try also annuity loan calculator, which uses TreasuryView™ API.