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Trigger Forge REST API - How To has developed Forge, a cross-platform app framework that allows web developers to create native iOS and Android apps from a single HTML5 code database. Their SaaS build service employs a Python based open source command line tool that allows developers to execute a build using a single customized JSON config file, and then returns Forge-generated JavaScript and native code templates (their starter plan produces Chrome-ready JavaScript, Java for Android, and Objective-C for iOS). Using the provided Python build tools, app templates, and the build instructions generated by Forge, developers can then complete the final stages of the build locally. The process is completed when the contents of the developer's custom app code - HTML, CSS, and JavaScript - are injected into the Forge-generated code to create finalized native apps. Because the build is created before the integration of user code, developers can easily integrate changes to their HTML, CSS, and JavaScript without re-running the build. Trigger's Forge API exposes a variety of methods for working with Forge generated code to create a custom user app experience. A few examples of the functionality provided by this API are detecting platforms, creating notifications, logging end-user preferences, managing tabs and toolbars, adding listeners, and accessing a mobile devices filesystem or camera.
Trigger Forge