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TrueWay VRP API is designed to solve the main task of logistics - Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP). The Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) is the challenge of designing optimal routes for multiple vehicles visiting a set of locations(orders) each with business-specific constraints, such as vehicle limitations, cost controls, time windows, resource limitations concerning the loading process at the depot, etc. Features and capabilities: - Find optimal routes for a fleet of vehicles visiting a set of orders. - Various optimization objectives: minimization of summary duration, minimization of summary distance, minimization of overall completion time, minimization of routes length. - Delivery. - Pickup. - Pickup and Delivery (shipment). - Service visits. - Multiple depots. - Quantity(demand) to be delivery or picked up for each order. - Multidimensional named quantities/capacity. - Time windows for visit each order. - Service time (visit duration) at each order. - Allow to drop some orders when no solution is possible. - Skills constraint. - Constraint the time that an order can stay in the vehicle. - Vehicle capacity constraint. - Vehicle distance constraint. - Vehicle duration constraint. - Vehicle driving duration constraint. - Number of orders on the vehicle constraint. - Vehicle working hours. - Vehicle breaks. - Various types of starts/ends of vehicle route: depot, location, undefined - Global road network coverage from best geodata providers. - Can avoid toll roads, highways or ferries. - Optional use traffic conditions (historical and live). - Detailed route geometry is provided. - Easy-to-Use. - High performance. - High efficiency. - Flexibility.
TrueWay VRP