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uBio Namebank RPC API - Source Code

The service represents a collaborative effort by U.S. science libraries to participate in international development of a complete listing of known names for all organisms, both living and extinct. Its Taxonomic Name Server (TNS) catalogs organisms by name and biological classification to help applications find information on living things by starting from any names applied to it. API methods support identification of an organism record by ID value or by search using a name submitted with the query. Methods also support retrieval by synonym, alternative language term, classification, or taxonomic relationship. These XML WebServices functions are replicated from the uBio SOAP methods. Each function returns an XML structure similar to that returned from the SOAP methods. Click on the function name below to see an example of the structure returned (the keyCode included in the examples will only work for uBio administrators. Get your own keycode here). Strings returned by the webservice are base64 encoded for XML delivery.
uBio Namebank