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UltraCart Checkout REST API - Libraries

UltraCart is an online shopping cart and e-commerce service, providing users with the functionality to connect their sites to UltraCart's hosted platform. The UltraCart platform can be hooked up to many facets of an e-commerce business; in addition to checkout, their software integrates with payment processing, shopping carts, marketing management, shipping, and accounting systems. UtraCart has both JavaScript and SOAP-based Checkout API's, however, their SOAP services are largely undocumented as they turn users towards their JavaScript web services. The Checkout API exposes a wide range of functionality, allowing developers to programmatically interact with UltraCart's e-commerce platform. Example methods for this API include creating a cart, getting items, handing off to Google Checkout or PayPal, cart validation, and applying coupons.
UltraCart Checkout